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Endodontics “Root Canals”

What is a “Root Canal”?

Treatment of the “Root Canal” system (endodontic therapy) involves cleaning of the canal which is located in the middle of the root. Bacteria get inside, destroy the nerve and create an infection inside the tooth. Often the pain is unbearable. The infection spreads out the tip of the root and enters the bone. Sometimes the infection will drain out through the gum, but sometimes it may drain into deeper areas of the head and neck which may be life threatening.

Patient Education Center
Visit our Patient Education Center to learn more on the "restoring teeth" tab.

Our Goals

  • Remove the infection from the root canals inside the tooth
  • Eliminate the pain associated with a dying nerve or infection
  • Promote healing for the bone around the tooth
  • Stabilize the tooth to get it ready for a crown.

How do we clean out the infection inside the canals?

  • The canals are accessed through the top of the tooth
  • Titanium files and solutions are used to loosen and remove the infection
  • The canal space is then filled with Gutta Percha, a soft, flowable, flexible material
  • Once the canals are disinfected and filled, the bone heals and the tooth feels better.

Options for Root Canals

  • Extraction – Many factors make Root Canal treatment less likely to succeed. These may include root fracture / splitting, and difficult canals to fill which have extreme shapes and curves. Multiple costs in addition to the Root Canal itself may make it cost prohibitive. To stop the spread of infection, the tooth can be removed and the infection cleaned out.
  • Extraction, Bone Graft & ImplantDental implants may provide a very conservative replacement for your teeth. Implant success rates are beginning to surpass Root Canals.
  • Extraction & Bridge – A bridge is a quick and simple way to hold the space for a missing tooth. Visit the bridges page to learn more.
  • No treatment – While this is an option, failing to treat can lead to more pain, severe infection and potential life threatening outcomes. It is generally not recommended.

Root Canal Application Video

Apex Dental Group specializes in CEREC ® dentistry. The video animation below shows how your root canal procedure but in our office your root canal and crown is completed in one day with CEREC ® Crown in a day technology.




Here are some questions that you should understand before you proceed with a Root Canal treatment. These can be complex and should be discussed with your dentist.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Are there any other options?
  • Are there any other costs involved?

Advantages of keeping your tooth with a Root Canal

  • Preserves the tooth for chewing, speaking and smiling.
  • Hold the space so other teeth can’t drift and move.
  • It’s very conservative treatment with the goal of preserving your natural tooth.
  • Has a success rate of 85 to 90%, this varies so discuss with Dr. Kitzmiller


  • In order to remove the infection from the tooth, an opening is made in the top of the tooth and weakens it.
  • To strengthen the tooth, 2 additional procedures will need to be completed: a core build up (fills the root canal opening) and crown ("cap" to hold the tooth together) Please understand these total cost before you proceed.
  • If the cavity was into the nerve and down to the bone, it may require bone surgery and further increase cost.
  • Some teeth that need root canals may be difficult or not possible to clean. They may not be able to be treated.

Other Costs

  • Deep cavities close to the bone may need crown lengthening.  Not enough of the tooth is exposed to do a crown properly.

Key Point: The best option for you should be reviewed with you by your dentist. These issues can be very complex.


  • Patient Education Center
Did you know? Some people believe teeth with root canals do not get cavities.

They DO get cavities!
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