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Periodontal Disease Therapy

Periodontal Disease frequently can be treated effectively if identified early before severe bone loss occurs. It is a complex disease which has been closely linked to heart disease, low birth weight babies, smoking and to other human conditions.

Patient Education Center
Visit our Patient Education Center to learn more on the "gum disease" tab.

Our Goals

  • Early detection & treatment
  • Customize your treatment plan according to your condition.
  • Improve your home care
  • Establish a 3 or 4 month periodontal maintenance program according to your condition
  • Referral to a Periodontist if needed

Our Periodontal Exam

  • We conduct a full examination of your gums and the structures that support your teeth
    • Check probing depths (space from top of gum to bottom of gum)
    • Evaluate bleeding of your gums during your exam (bad sign)
    • Check the condition / amount of the bone around your teeth
  • We will help you identify your risk factors
    • Smoking
    • Diabetes
    • Amount of plaque on your teeth
    • Skills in taking care of your mouth
    • Diet
    • Your genetics
  • Show you what steps you can take in the prevention of this disease

    In your hands

      • Proper brushing, flossing
      • Smoking / Dipping cessation

    Referral to a family practice physician to control systemic disease.

How Periodontal Disease Works

  • Bacteria in your mouth (plaque) build up causing gum inflammation, bleeding and gum/bone loss.
  • Your risk factors, such as smoking or poor brush / floss habits promote bacterial growth
  • Complex reaction with your immune system - may increase your inflammation

Consequences for not controlling Periodontal Disease

The bacteria in your mouth (plaque) build up. In a complex reaction with your body's chemistry and immune system, a series of events lead to inflammation, bleeding, gum and bone loss. Your risk factors (above) will increase the severity and progression of your periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease Video Animation

View the animation below to see how disease progresses to bone loss, if you do not brush, floss and rinse that bacteria and plaque away.


Getting Periodontal Disease in control

  • Begin with an initial deep cleaning with anesthesia. Be comfortable!
  • Periodontal therapy visits every 3 to 4 months with a hygienist.
  • Removal of the infection, plaque / bacteria around your teeth.
  • Evaluate your response to the deep cleaning
    • Decreased Bleeding
    • Decreased pocketing
  • Evaluate your home care
    • Gum disease is a lifelong battle
    • Requires exceptional home care
  • Referral to a Periodontist for surgery and adjunctive therapy
  • You may be referred immediately depending on your disease

Why do you need a 3 to 4 month recall?

  • Many teeth have nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide
  • Bacteria accumulate in these areas
  • Bacteria become destructive to gum / bone in about 3 months
  • The hygienist removes bacteria from the places that you are unable to clean
    • Pockets over 4mm
    • Concavities on root surfaces and between roots
  • No destructive bacteria = bone and gum preservation.

If you respond well:

  • Treat the remaining problems in our office
  • Use home rinses, brushing aids
  • Arrestin placement (antibiotics placed in the infected gum) – limited use
  • Hygiene / “cleaning” appointments every 3-4 months

If you do not respond well:

  • Refer you immediately to the Periodontist for further evaluation and treatment
  • Potential treatment
    • Bone grafting
    • Laser surgery (LANAP)
    • Gum grafting
    • Other procedures which we cannot provide comfortably here.
    • Detailed plans from our specialist will be prescribed for you.
    • Evaluation of complex risk factors

How to succeed with Periodontal Disease

Early intervention saves your teeth, time and money. Treating gum disease is similar to building the foundation of a house. Without a good solid foundation, the rest of your treatment will fail. Let us evaluate you and see if we can help you in our office.


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