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Services for Your Comfort

What we do for your Comfort

Keeping you comfortable during your treatment is one of our top priorities at Apex Dental Group in Apex, NC. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), Comfort Control Syringe, headsets, and free Wi-Fi for parents while waiting for their children, are some of the ways we strive to meet your comfort needs.

Anxiety Control

Nitrous Oxide – Laughing Gas

  • “Laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) administration is an effective way to relax mildly anxious children and adults.
  • You breathe in the gas through a mask.
  • It relaxes you during the procedure.
  • The effects of nitrous oxide are gone within minutes
  • Most patients do well with nitrous oxide.
  • Please give us a call to see if this is right for you.
anxiety controlOur Nitrous Oxide Machine
anxiety controlOur Comfort Control Syringe

The Comfort Control Syringe

  • Electronically administers local anesthetic (numbing).
  • This device dispenses anesthetic in a slower, more controlled manner which drastically decreases the discomfort with injections.
  • We routinely use this device in children and anxious patients.


  • Music acts as a distraction during the procedure, which may make your experience more pleasurable.
  • We have clean, disinfected headsets for your use.
  • Bring your own headset & music if you prefer.
  • Listen to music that you love!

To Help You Relax Even More


  • Some like it hot, some like it cold.
  • Please ask for a blanket should you become cold.
  • A freshly washed blanket will be provided to you.

Neck Pillow

  • Laying down for any procedure without neck support can be painful.
  • Please ask for a neck pillow should you need one.
  • A fresh washed pillow case will be provided for you.

While you are in our reception area

Free Wi-Fi in Office

  • Parents can enjoy the use of Wi-Fi in our office. Be productive while your children are being treated.
  • Entertain your kids while you are being treated with their favorite app!
  • If you are a patient, we strive to be on time and you might not be able to enjoy this perk!
  • Feel free to check email if time permits.
  • Our receptionist can provide the password to you.


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