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Children's Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry)

Your child's dental health is very important to us. Developing a positive relationship with us is crucial for long term dental health. Your child's first visit should occur at about 1 year. We appoint you and your child on your cleaning appointment. At this appointment, your child will sit in the chair and become comfortable with the dentist and hygienist touching their teeth and looking in their mouth. Your child may not get their teeth cleaned. During these joint visits, we will be able to educate you and your child on your roles in maintaining good dental health. When your child is confident, they will receive their own appointment. Call us for more information. We refer to a Pediatric Dentists when needed.

Patient Education Center
Visit our Patient Education Center on the "videos for kids" to view cartoons which help young patients understand dental services and perpare them for their visit..

Summary of our Children Dentistry Services:

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Our Goals:

  • Have a positive first appointment – Both parent and child come together at the adult's appointment.
  • Introduce your child to dentistry - "Tell-Show-Do" appointments
    • The first appointment helps show children what we are going to do and determine if they are able to do it. If your child allows us, will perform their preventive care at this appointment.
    • We use all of your child’s senses (sight, touch, smell, sound, feel) to help them become familiar with the procedure.
    • During the second appointment we will actually do the preventive care procedure.
    • While, it takes longer, this method prepares your child for a positive dental experience and a lifetime of dental health.
    • Let's make it great!
welcome toys dental chair toothbrush and teeth model timers goodie machine

Topics that we will cover are:

  • Brushing / Flossing
  • Prevention
  • Role of Diet
  • Tooth development / growth
  • Behavior management
  • Cleaning childrens' teeth
  • Examination - Individualized treatment plans
  • Application of fluoride varnish
  • Rewarding good behavior

Positive Reinforcement for Successful / Good Behavior!

  • Helium Balloons
  • Prize Machine
  • No Cavity Club!
  • Cavity-free kids write down their name to enter in our drawing.
  • Drawing for Free Movie Tickets!
anxiety controlPositive Reinforcement: No Cavity Club
Cavity-free kids are entered in a drawing
to win movie tickets
  • Patient Education Center


We take pride in the care that we provide to our child patients. On a case by case basis, some kids may need a referral to a pediatric specialist. The bottom line is that we want you and your child to be successful in their dental health care!

How to best help your child in their care

  • Homecare help is dictated by your child's ability—some may need more or less help regardless of their age.
  • Younger children may require more parental direction and help.
  • Older children may independent in many of their home care tasks
  • Be positive but honest about their appointments. Don't use them as a threat.
  • Work with them daily on their homecare
  • Ask the doctor / hygienist for advice on home care issues.
  • Stay involved and follow up daily!



To prevent cavities, brush away food plaque. Brush twice a day, preferably after meals. Floss and use a mouthwash daily.
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