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Prosthodontics - Bridges

Bridges replace one to two missing teeth.

Our Goals

  • Easy, quick way to improve your smile
  • Improve chewing
  • Prevent drifting of other teeth
  • Helps with speech (especially teeth near the front)

What is a bridge?

  • A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth (sometimes several teeth).
  • Like a bridge used by cars, a bridge is connected at both ends. Each end has a crown and in the middle is a tooth that is connected to the crowns.
  • Can now be made all with porcelain.
  • Can be made in 2 appointments

Patient Education Center
Visit our Patient Education Center to learn more on the "restoring teeth" tab.


anxiety controlBridge before placement
anxiety controlBridge in place


What are my Options?

  • If many teeth are missing a partial denture can be used
  • Partial Denture – This may be an option to replace several missing teeth. See photo.
  • Implants – They are generally more conservative options that replace the missing tooth / teeth without damaging the teeth next door.

CEREC ® Bridge Application Video

Dr. Kitzmiller specializes in CEREC ® dentistry. The video animation below shows how your procedure is completed in one day with CEREC ® Technology.




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