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Financing Your Dental Visit

The best method to keep a great looking smile and optimal dental health is daily maintenance but, as with automobiles, unexpected things can happen. Unfortunately, those unexpected things may not fit into the family budget. We offer the most flexible payment options in support of your financial needs. Our office manager will be happy to design a financial plan that best meets your lifestyle and investment in your dental health.


PDF documentInsurance Facts

  • We accept payment from your insurance carrier and ask that you pay your estimated portion at the time of your appointment.

  • We are happy to file your dental insurance for you.

  • You can help us by familiarizing yourself with the limitations of your insurance policy as benefits vary.


Payment Options

Call the office for more information on our NEW financing plan thorough Wells Fargo Financing.

  1. Check
  2. Cash
  3. Credit Card
  4. Assignment of Insurance
  5. Wells Fargo Financing

Payment in Full Discount

Apex Dental Group offers a 5% discount for treatment paid in full at time of service by check or cash.

By making payment in full, at time of service, the office will extend an administrative courtesy that will save you 5% of your treatment balance if payment is made by check or cash only. If necessary our office will gladly provide you with the necessary forms and supporting documents to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We will gladly accept assignment of benefits as partial payment for each visit. There is no discount for services that are filed to insurance.

How can I receive a 5% discount? (You can save 5 % or more in interest savings)

  1. Pay-in-full at time of service with cash or check.
  2. Example:
    Dental Restoration $1,000.00
    5% discount = $50.00
    Crown is $950.00 Cash or Check
    No Bank / Credit Card Fees!

  3. Pre-pay in monthly payments with cash or check prior to your appointment.
  4. Example:
    Dental Restoration $1,000.00
    4 monthly payments (before treatment begins) of $200.00 = $800.00 Cash or Check
    5% discount = $50.00
    1 final payment at time of service of $150.00 Cash or Check
    Crown is $950.00 Cash or Check
    No Bank / Credit Card Fees!

Your saving:
Save 5% with us
+ Save 9% to 18% by not paying the bank / credit card fees
= A potential savings of 14% to 23% or more!

Would you rather pay the bank …… or yourself?

Interest Rate / Savings Chart on your Dental Restoration Example

Federal Reserve Credit Card Calculator
    **Interest %

    Restoration $

    Monthly $

    Interest $

    Bank Final $

    5% @ ADG

    Total Savings

    9% for 1 Year







    9% for 5 Years







    18% for 1 Year







    18% for 8 Years







     **Assumes minimal Payment of $20.00 and compares to 1 year of payments.


Any payment arrangements needed MUST be made prior to the start of treatment, please speak to the front desk if this is applicable to your visit.


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