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Patient Education Center

Decisions concerning your dental health can be difficult and we are here to help. We want to help you understand dental care, diseases, and procedures you may face. This patient education center was prepared for you to become informed before you make inquiry, after you have been told you need to undergo a procedure or to make your final decision. Use this information to arm yourself with questions and make an appointment for an exam or to schedule a proceedure.

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ADA dental patient education center

Patient Smart Topics Patient Education Center

What are cavities? Learn about tooth decay

Proper care of your teeth

Baby Teeth and Your Child's Dental Care

Videos to Prepare and Teach Children

Click on the tab on the left: "Videos For Kids" to engage your children in their dental health care and to prepare them for the dentist presented as cartoon stories.

Videos for Kids • Prepare and Teach

Dudley Visits the Dentist

Preparing for the First Visit • 7:59 Minutes


Dudley´s Grade School Musical

Oral Health: Brushing, Flossing, Healthy Eating, Sport Guards • 8:18 Minutes


Dudley Goes to Camp Brush and Floss

Brushing and Flossing Techniques • 5:50 Minutes


Dudley´s Classroom Adventure

Protect Your Teeth: Floride, Mouthguards, Sealants, Sticky Foods, Tooth Decay • 9:03 Minutes


Brushing Magic with Dudley and DeeDee

Fighting Plaque: Flossing, Toothpaste & Brushing • 5:57 Minutes

Cosmetic Proceedures to Improve Your Smile

Restore and Replace Teeth

Oral Cancer and other Mouth Sores

Other Dental Issues: Emergencies, Mouth Sores, Jaw Problems

Why See a Dentist? Learn about dental check-ups and insurance




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